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Welcome to site of
Stepanenko Alexander,

Chairman of Murmansk branch
of the PhotoUnion of Russia!

You plunge into the world
social and artistic photography.

Photographic surveys "Chernobyl" village" will make you think about the problems of ecology, " Weekdays of Arkhangelsk village " make you think about the problems of the Russian hinterland.

Photo series "The Road to the Temple" and "House of Prayer" will talk you about the spiritual wealth of the Soviet people. A "Tragedy of the "Kursk" will talk you about Mount wives, fathers and mothers who have lost their loved ones ...

"The Sami of Russia" - a photo story about the revival of consciousness Sami people living many centuries on the Kola Peninsula in unity and harmony with nature.

What can be better "Lines of the female body"?! They are adorable, charming, mysterious, sweet and enticing. And they are securely tucked away from prying eyes.

I hope that the pictures of my students - my pride - will make a lot of interesting things in my gallery.

© Александр Степаненко, 2024