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Photo exhibition and photo contests:

1980 – participated in the photo exhibition "50 years of "Apatite" (Kirovsk),

1988 – 3-rd Prize Photo Contest newspaper "Moskovskaya Pravda" (Moscow),

1989 – 1-st prize photo contest magazine "Krestyanka" (Moscow),

1990 – participation in the exhibition "Man in photography" (Estonia, Tartu),

1991 – participation in the exhibition "A day in the life of Moscow State University" (Moscow),

1994, 1995 – Winner of the "Rare shot" TV program "In the animal world" (Moscow),

1996 – 3-rd Prize weekly "Arguments and Facts" (Moscow),

1997 – 3-rd Prize Photo Contest "Unique moment" magazine "Photo-Video» (№ 6),

2000 – Prize of Culture International Festival in Belgium (in the category "Fotohumor")

2001 – 2-nd prize Vserosijsky Photo Contest "Pressphoto Russia" for the photo series
"The Tragedy of the "Kursk" (Awards "News", Moscow),

2011 – participated in the photo exhibition "Vladimir Vyatkin and his disciples" (Moscow),

2011 – Victory in the competition «REAL TIME»: a series of "Once Upon a Time ..."
(poster Blipoint, Spain),

2012 – participated in the photo festival «Head On» (Sydney, Australia),
together with the site "Rodinki on the map" (Novosibirsk),

2012 – participated in the photo festival «Angkor Photo Festival» (Cambodia),
together with the site "Rodinki on the map" (Novosibirsk),

2013 – participation in the " Faith in Russia": a snapshot "Creed" took place in the final.
Exhibition - the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

2013 – Winner of Awards "Everyday Life" International Competition "Photo Essay" (Australia),

2013 – Winner of the International Photo Contest «Stories for our Time» (The London School of Liberal Arts),

2014 – Grand Prix of the International Photo Contest FOTORAMA04 (Serbia),,

2014 – Winner of the Photo Contest "The Polar Perspective" (Norilsk, Russia), Nominated "Best photo shoot",

2015 – Winner of the Photo Contest "Unique water bodies of Russia" (participated in the photo exhibition (Moscow, Saint - Petersburg),

2015 – participation in an exhibition devoted to housing and sustainable human settlements development of indigenous peoples of the world (hall of the UN General Assembly of visitors to New York, USA), 3 shots,

2016 - participation in the exhibition "Radioactive Creativity", (participated in the photo exhibition dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy (Minsk, Belarus),

2016 - finalist of the photo contest "The Most Beautiful Country"(Moscow), 2 pictures,

2016 - Winner of the Golden Lynx International Photo Contest (Belarus, nomination "Landscape made outside Belarus"), picture "Lunar Halo",

2018 - 3rd place in the photo contest "World Wood and Life photography" (nomination "People", Bulgaria),

2019, 2021, 2022 - Finalist of the Insight Astronomy International Competition for Astrophotography (Great Britain). Pictures "Aurora Bird" (2019), "Flying Saucer" (2021), "Winged Aurora" (2022),

2019 - Finalist of the HIPA UAE SDG Photography Award International Competition, "People" Category (United Arab Emirates (Dubai). Series "Once Upon a Time" ("Weekdays of the Arkhangelsk Village").


Personal photo exhibition:

1986 – "Photopotatoes" (Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University).>

1993 – "Chernobyl" village" (Regional Palace of Culture, Murmansk).

1998 – "The Reindeer People" (Apatity and Lovozero, Murmansk region).

1999 – "Inspiration" (Regional Art Museum, Murmansk).

2002 – "Temptation, or lines of the female body" (City Exhibition Hall, Murmansk).

2005 – "In harmony with nature" (Murmansk Humanities Institute).

2007 – "Where are my 17 years?" (Regional Cultural Center, Murmansk).

2011 – "Reindeer People" (Regional Local History Museum, Murmansk).

2014-2015 – "Reindeer People" (Kurgan, Syktyvkar, Budapesht).

2015-2016 – "Weekdays of the Arkhangelsk Village" (Murmansk, S-Pb, Arkhangelsk, Kurgan, Tyumen).

2017 – "Chernobyl village" (Murmansk, Kastsyukovichy (Belarus).

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